Extract and Enhanced Variety Pack


With our Ultra-Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom Capsulesconvenient five-in-one pack, including our strongest kratom extract and more, you can compare multiple extracts or enhanced versions to find out which one is right for you. Super Enhanced Bali Kratom

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

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Extract and Enhanced Variety Pack

The Extract and Enhanced Kratom Variety Pack is part of our enhanced kratom extract collection and features sample amounts of five different kratom preparations. Super Enhanced Bali Kratom

  • Super Enhanced Bali – SEB: We grind dried Bali kratom Ultra-Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom Capsulesleaves into a micro-powder similar to the consistency of powdered sugar.
  • 50x Extract Kratom: Similar to our 25x extract, our 50x extract is prepared Extract and Enhanced Variety Pack by concentrating 50 grams of kratom leaves down into 1 gram of powder. This extraction process makes this one of the strongest kratoms extracts for sale in our entire collection.

Most especially premium set of enhanced and extracted  Extract Kratom kratom strains, you will receive 2 grams of our UEI, 2 grams of our UEMD, 1 gram of our SEB, 1 gram of our 50x extract kratom, and 1 gram of our 25x extract kratom, all within one convenient pack!

Enjoy the Best Kratom Extracts For Sale 

We then add the ultra-soothing 7-hydroxymitragynine Super Enhanced Bali Kratom and stimulating Mitragynine to create an ultra-pure alkaloids mixture for an enhanced aroma.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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